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Kapazitäts- und DCIR-Tester für verteilte Superkondensatormodule der Serie N5831
Kapazitäts- und DCIR-Tester für verteilte Superkondensatormodule der Serie N5831
Kapazitäts- und DCIR-Tester für verteilte Superkondensatormodule der Serie N5831
Kapazitäts- und DCIR-Tester für verteilte Superkondensatormodule der Serie N5831

Kapazitäts- und DCIR-Tester für verteilte Superkondensatormodule der Serie N5831

N5831 series is specially developed by NGI for the R&D and production of supercapacitor modules. N5831 provides accurate measurement for electrical parameters such as charging capacitance, discharging capacitance, charging DCIR, discharging DCIR, energy conversion efficiency, cycle life, etc. It also supports multiple test methods, which allows users to select according to their needs.

N5831 PC application software supports customization. Users can customize the test files according to the test procedure. The test results can be stored in database andexported in the formats of Excel and JPG.

Teilen mit:

●Spannungsbereich: 0–200 V

●Strombereich: 0–1200 A

●Übergangsgeschwindigkeit von CV zu CC bis zu 1 ms

●Hohe Messgenauigkeit

●Benutzerdefinierter Testprozess

●Bearbeitbares Testverfahren zur Verbesserung der Konfigurationseffizienz

●Abtastrate bis zu 1 ms

●Unterstützung verschiedener DCIR-Testmethoden

●Einstellbare Sortierfunktion für verschiedene Spezifikationen

●Standard 19-Zoll-Gehäuse


●R&D, production and quality inspection of supercapacitor


●Andere verwandte Bereiche von Superkondensatoren

Funktionen & Vorteile

Verschiedene Modelle und Spezifikationen für unterschiedliche Anforderungen

1) Spannungsbereich: 0–200 V, Strombereich: 0–1200 A, Leistungsbereich: 0–200 kW.

2) Modularer Aufbau, Leistungsanpassung möglich.

3) Various test fixtures and widely covered power range to support both cells and modules test.

4) Spannungsausgangsgenauigkeit: 0.05 %, Stromausgangsgenauigkeit: 0.05 %.

Hochfrequenz-Abtastung zur Verbesserung der Messgenauigkeit

The voltage and current sampling rate is up to 1ms. The high sampling rate provides feasibility for accurate capacitance calculation.

Verschiedene Testvorrichtungen für unterschiedliche Testanforderungen

N5831 series provides four optional types of test fixture. The fist type is universal fixture, suitable for various cylindrical batteries. The second type is crocodile clip, suitable for scientific research (including for high-current equipment). Any special-shaped batteries for research purpose can be clamped by leading out the charging & discharging electrodes and measuring electrodes. The third type is special texture for polymer batteries. The fourth type is special texture for button batteries.

Schnelle Reaktion beim Laden-Entladen

N5831 is designed with precision circuit to ensure fast and accurate charging and discharging transition. During the charging process, there is no overcharge during CC charging converting to CV charging, which can protect the DUT from being damaged.

N5831 has the features of seamless transition from CV charging to CC charging and up to 1ms sampling rate, which can meet the test requirements of QC/T 741, six-step method, and charge-to-discharge method for DCIR.


Vier-Elektroden-Messung zur Reduzierung von Messfehlern

The test fixtures supplied are with 4 electrodes. Two output electrodes are used to provide test current, and two measurement electrodes are used to measure battery voltage. Multi-electrode measurement not only improves the measurement accuracy, but also supports reference electrode test, which is suitable for the research of electrode materials.

Mehrkanalige Temperaturerfassung

N5831 series supports 16-channel temperature acquisition, which is suitable for various NTCs(Negative Temperature Coefficient), satisfies the needs of real-time monitoring of the supercapacitor module internal temperature, and ensures the safety and stability during the test.


1) N5831 software adopts a platform design, which allows the users to customize the test process according to their requirements.

2) Office-like interface, independent display of each channel, supporting voltage and current waveform generation, and result display in tabular form make this professional software multifunctional and easy-to-use.

3) N5831 is designed with power limit circuit and has fast response, which can prevent N5831 from being damaged due to over power.

4) N5831 adopts shielding technology, which has wide adaptability to harsh test environment, and improves the anti-interference ability.

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N5831 can measure the charging capacitance and discharging capacitance of supercapacitor. The test method is as follows: charge or discharge the measured supercapacitor under CC mode, record the time and voltage during the charging or discharging process, and calculate the capacitance by calculating the slew rate of the voltage and time during the process.

Users can choose voltage and time for calculation according to various measurement standards, such as IEC.



N5831 supports a variety of DCIR test methods: multi-pulse, single-pulse, charge-to-discharge, six-step test and IEC test, which can meet the test needs of most users. NGI core technology ensures that highly accurate results are obtained in various test methods.

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N5831 can measure the physical parameters of the supercapacitor during the repeated charging and discharging process and extract its attenuation curves. By analyzing the parameters and curves, users can obtain the expected life of supercapacitor in different application environments, charging and discharging cycles, and performance index at different stages. Life test results can be used to improve the materials, craft, storage and many other links.

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