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N36100 Series Laborprogrammierbares DC-Netzteil
N36100 Series Laborprogrammierbares DC-Netzteil
N36100 Series Laborprogrammierbares DC-Netzteil
N36100 Series Laborprogrammierbares DC-Netzteil

N36100 Series Laborprogrammierbares DC-Netzteil

N36100 series is a DC power supply with ultra compact size, high performance and high power density. The 1U height and half 19-inch width design brings comfortable experience with space-saving in both standalone and integrated cabinet.Maximum output power of N36100 is 900W. In view of test characteristics of different fields such as laboratory test, system integration test and large-scale production line test, N36100 series adopts wide range designs to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Teilen mit:

●1U height + half 19-inch width, wide range and high power density

●Maximum output power: 900W

●Remote sense

●SEQ test function

●External analog programming control

●Multiple protections: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP and short circuit


●Supporting battery charging test and internal resistance simulation function

●Auto run function after startup, editable run delay time

●Modular design, convenient formulti channels combination

●Multiple communication interfaces: LAN/CAN/RS232/RS485


●R&D laboratory

●Automotive and avionics

●ATE test system

●Industrial DC/DC converter

●Small DC motor

Funktionen & Vorteile

Ultrakompakte Größe, hohe Leistung

N36100 series is only 1U and half 19 inch. However, its maximum output power is up to 900W. It has multiple test functions,multiple protection and wide range, which enables N36100 to be used in different applications.


CC&CV priority functio

N36100 has the function of selecting priority of voltage-control loop or current-control loop, which enables N36100 toadopt the optimal test mode for different DUTs, and thus protect the DUT.


Wie in Abbildung 1 dargestellt, sollte der Spannungsprioritätsmodus ausgewählt werden, um einen schnellen und gleichmäßigen Spannungsanstieg zu erzielen, wenn das DUT während des Tests eine Reduzierung der Spannungsüberschreitung erfordert, z. B. bei der Stromversorgung eines Niederspannungsprozessors oder FPGA-Kerns.

Wie in Abbildung 2 dargestellt, sollte der Stromprioritätsmodus ausgewählt werden, wenn der Prüfling während des Tests eine Reduzierung des Stromüberschusses erfordert oder wenn der Prüfling eine niedrige Impedanz aufweist, wie z. B. beim Batterieladen, um einen schnellen und gleichmäßigen Stromanstieg zu erzielen.


OLED screen has the advantages of compact size,low power consumption, high brightness and highluminous efficiency.


N36100’s SEQ function supports up to 200 steps. It allowssettings of output voltage, output current, voltage slew rate,current slew rate and dwell time for single step.



N36100 series allows settings of voltage and internal resistance value. According to the corresponding output current, the output voltage is decreased with the set resistance. In this case, the internal resistance of secondary battery, fuel cell and supercapacitor can be simply simulated.



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