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83624-Kanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie NXNUMX
83624-Kanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie NXNUMX
83624-Kanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie NXNUMX
83624-Kanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie NXNUMX

83624-Kanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie NXNUMX

N83624 is a programmable battery simulator with low-power, multi-channel and high-accuracy, suitable for BMS/CMS test.It can also be used as a multi-channel high accuracy DC power supply. It is highly integrated, single device with up to 24 channels. Each channel is isolated, available for multi-channel series connection. N83624 is equipped with high-definition color LCD screen, available for local operation. Users can also set the voltage & current for each channel on application software, which is easy to use and can meet the needs of multi-channel and multi-data. The software can also provide graphs, data analysis and report function.

Teilen mit:

●Voltage range: 0-6V/0-15V

●Current range: 0-1A/0-3A/0-5A

●Single device with up to 24 channels, each channel isolated, series connection available

●Fast communication response , within 10ms for all channels programming response

●Professionelle Anwendungssoftware mit Datenanalyse und Bericht

●Hochauflösender Farb-LCD-Bildschirm, verfügbar für die lokale Bedienung

●Standard 19-Zoll 3U, verfügbar für Rack-Installation

●LAN port and RS232 interface; dual LAN ports, convenient for cascade application


●Fernerkundung für hohe Genauigkeit

●Fast dynamic response, voltage rise time less than 20μs(For 6V specification)


●BMS/CMS-Test für neue Energiefahrzeuge, UAV und Energiespeicher

●Portable consumer Electronics R&D and production, such as mobiles, bluetooth earphones, smartwatch, etc.

●Calibration of voltage acquisition device, such as fuel cell voltage monitor

Funktionen & Vorteile

Ultrahohe Genauigkeit

N83624 current resolution is as low as 0.1μA. Ultra-high accuracy, ultra-low ripple and noise index make N83624 an ideal choice for battery simulation application. The ultra-high accuracy of N83624 output and measurement can be directly used in product calibration and test, eliminating the use of external high-accuracy measuring instruments and saving cost for users.


Ultrahohe Integration

N83624 integrates up to 24 channels that can be connected in series mode in 19-inch 3U size, providing a compact solution for ATE test systems in BMS, CMS and similar large-scale high-density production sites.


Batteriesimulation geeignet für BMS-Chiptests verschiedener Spezifikationen

N83624 series battery simulators have multiple functions and features, supporting Source, All CH, Charge, SOC Test,SEQ, Graph, etc.

Mit einem Gerät lassen sich mehrere Einsatzmöglichkeiten erzielen, die Testausrüstung rationalisieren und Testverfahren optimieren. Der interne Schaltkreis des N83624 ist für verschiedene Chips optimiert und kann zum Testen von BMS-Chips verschiedener Spezifikationen angepasst werden.

Abbildung drei

Schnelle dynamische Reaktion

N83624 series has fast dynamic response capability. The response time of load varying from 10% to 90% and voltage recovering within 50mV of previous voltage is less than 100μs (For 6V specification), which can ensure the rising waveform of voltage or current is high-speed and without overshoot, and provide stable power for the DUT. This feature can meet the demand for product test with strict power requirements.

Hochpräziser Mehrkanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie N83624

Hochpräziser Mehrkanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie N83624

LAN-Anschluss und RS232-Schnittstelle, einfache Kaskadenanwendung

N83624 series supports LAN port and RS232 interface. LAN port is designed with dual ports, which can be used forremote control and also for cascade application.



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