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Programmierbares Einkanal-Gleichstromnetzteil der N3600-Serie
Programmierbares Einkanal-Gleichstromnetzteil der N3600-Serie
Programmierbares Einkanal-Gleichstromnetzteil der N3600-Serie
Programmierbares Einkanal-Gleichstromnetzteil der N3600-Serie

Programmierbares Einkanal-Gleichstromnetzteil der N3600-Serie

N3600 series is a wide-range programmable DC power supply. Its output current range is 5A to 1500A, output voltagerange is 16V to 1200V, and output power range is 800W to 9kW. It supports cascade mode, CC/CV/CP mode, SEQ testand external programming. N3600 with wide range, multi-function, high performance and high reliability can be used innew energy, industrial automation, etc.

Teilen mit:

●Voltage range: 16V-1200V

●Strombereich: 5A-1500A

●Leistungsbereich: 800W-9kW

●Betrieb mehrerer Geräte im Kaskadenmodus, bis zu 90 kW

●CC-, CV- und CP-Modus

●Sequence test function(SEQ), up to 100 groups sequence files, up to 100 steps per file

●Bearbeitbare Anstiegs-/Abfall-Anstiegsrate

●Bequeme HMI-Schnittstelle (Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion) auf dem LCD-Bildschirm

●Equipped with LCD screen, numeric buttons and knob to support local operation

●Externer Kühlkörper zum Schutz der Stromversorgung und des Prüflings

●Standardmäßiges 19-Zoll-Gehäuse, erhältlich für Tisch- oder Rack-Installation

●Eingebaute RS232/LAN-Kommunikationsschnittstelle

●Multiple protections: OCP, OVP, UVP, OTP, OPP, peripheral control communication error alarm

●Analog programming (APG) interface, current monitoring interface, remote trigger function to realize complex function control and monitoring


●New energy fields, such as Li-on battery, photovoltaic, hydrogen fuel, energy storage BMS, etc.

●Civil fields, such as home appliances, consumer electronics, communications, etc.

●Labor, Produktionslinie ATE automatisches Testsystem

●Automotive-Bereiche wie BMS, DC-DC, Automobilelektronik usw.

●Testen und Betreiben von Luft- und Raumfahrtelektronik

●Industrial automation fields, such as controllers, drives, servers, robots, etc

Funktionen & Vorteile


SEQ function provides setting of output voltage, output current, voltage slew rate, current slew rate and dwell time for single step.

Programmierbares Weitbereichs-DC-Netzteil der N3600-Serie

Spannung bis zu 1200 V, wodurch die Hochspannungsprüfung sicherer wird

N3600 series supports up to 1200V. In the fields of LED, battery, DC/DC converter and other industries, high voltage is the basic need for power supplies. Besides the above mentioned industries, N3600 series can also be applied for special tests with extremely high voltage requirements.

The safety of high-voltage test has always been a concern of engineers. NGI puts emphasis on details like the safety terminals design to ensure the safety of the test.

Große Auswahl zur Einsparung von Anschaffungskosten

N3600 series’ maximum power is not the result of Max. voltage multiplied by Max. current. Let’s take model N3630-240-060 for example. The Max. power is 3kW while Max. voltage 240V and Max. current 60A. This feature offers N3600 wider application range, compared with traditional power supply.

Programmierbares Weitbereichs-DC-Netzteil der N3600-Serie

Externe Kühlfunktion

When using N3600 to supply power to inductive loads such as motors, press ON/OFF button on N3600’s front panel to stop power supply. At this time, the motor may return a voltage greater than the setting value to N3600, which is likely to damage N3600 and the motor. Users can connect a load to N3600 as a dissipater. The setting voltage of the load must be an increment higher than the setting voltage of N3600. When the setting voltage of the load is higher than the setting voltage of N3600, the load will not work. If the voltage returned by the motor is exceeding the setting voltage of the load, the load starts to work to protect N3600 and the motor controller.

Programmierbares Weitbereichs-DC-Netzteil der N3600-Serie


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