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Hochpräziser Mehrkanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie N8331
Hochpräziser Mehrkanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie N8331
Hochpräziser Mehrkanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie N8331
Hochpräziser Mehrkanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie N8331

Hochpräziser Mehrkanal-Batteriesimulator der Serie N8331

N8331 is a programmable battery simulator with low-power, multi-channel and high-accuracy. It also can be used as a high-accuracy multi-channel DC power supply. N8331 standalone supports up to 24 channels. Each channel is isolated. Users can set voltage & current for each channel on NGI standard application software, which is easy to use and can meet the needs of multi-channel, multi-parameter and complex test environments. N8331 application software supports multi-channel batch operation. Data and graphs for each channel can be displayed. At the same time, data analysis and report functions are supported.

Teilen mit:

●Spannungsbereich: 0-5V/0-6V

●Voltage accuracy: 0.6mV

●Spannungswelligkeitsrauschen ≤2mVrms

●Single device with up to 24 channels, each channel isolated

●Professionelle Anwendungssoftware mit Datenanalyse und Bericht

●Current range: 0-1A/0-2A/0-3A


●LAN-Anschluss und RS485-Schnittstelle


●BMS/CMS-Test für neue Energiefahrzeuge, UAV und Energiespeicher

●Portable consumer electronics R&D and production, such as mobiles, bluetooth earphones, etc.

●Kalibrierung von Spannungserfassungsgeräten, z. B. einem Brennstoffzellen-Spannungsmonitor

Funktionen & Vorteile

Ultrahohe Integration, Einzelgerät mit bis zu 24 Kanälen

N8331 series adopts a standard 19-inch 2U chassis, with up to 24 channels in a single device. Each channel is isolated. One device can support 24-station test simultaneously, which greatly reduces the instruments used and improves test efficiency.


μA level current measurement, supporting static current and protection parameter test

N8331 series is with high accuracy and resolution. The current resolution is up to 0.1μA. The voltage resolution is up to 100μV. In standby mode, there is still μA-level current existing in electronic component. The ultra high current resolution can test the static current. Meanwhile, 100μV resolution can meet the high demand of protection parameters test of charging & discharging board.

Reihenschaltung verfügbar, um den Betriebszustand des Akkupacks zu simulieren

When simulating multiple strings of battery cells, N8331 supports multiple devices connection in serial mode. Users can realize remote control and other automatic tests on the application software.

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Vierdraht-Sense zur Gewährleistung der Messgenauigkeit

To ensure accurate voltage measurement, N8331 adopts four-wire system connection, that is, two wires are used for voltage output, and the other two used for measuring the DUT voltage directly. The voltage loss caused by the lead resistance from N8331 to the DUT can be eliminated by four-wire sense.

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Anwendung – BMS-Test


BMS (battery management system) is a device used to conduct safety monitoring and effective management of battery packs, and improve battery service efficiency. For electric vehicles, BMS can effectively control the charging and discharging of the battery pack, which can increase the endurance mileage, extend the service life, reduce the operating cost, and ensure the safety and reliability of power battery pack. BMS has become one of the essential core components of electric vehicles. In order to ensure the proper operation, it is necessary to test BMS comprehensively.



NGI BMS test platform adopts the modular design. It consists of high-accuracy battery simulator, temperature simulation unit, charge & discharge current simulation unit, high voltage power supply, IO detection unit, insulation detection unit, BMS signal and on/off detection unit, CAN communication unit, software control system, etc. The system can provide customization on Li-on battery strings according to customers’ needs and generate data reports. The system is highly integrated, convenient and efficient, supporting expansion and upgrade.


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